[Official] Hotel Kyoto Kiyamachi | Right in front of Kawaramachi Matsubara Bus Stop

As the sun sets, your Kyoto stay begins

Best Rate Guarantee


  • Special rooms overlooking the beautiful Kamogawa River

    The rooms on floors 9 and 10 on the east side of our hotel offer a splendid view of Kyoto's renowned Kamogawa River.

  • Breakfasts by Expert Japanese Chefs

    Our buffet-style breakfast is a mix of Japanese and western dishes, centering on Obanzai cuisine (light Kyoto-style home cooking).

  • Assorted Amenities

    To ensure our guests enjoy a comfortable stay, we have filled our rooms with a rich selection of amenities.

The perfect ending to a memory-filled day

ROOMSExperience Kyoto through Japanese Architectural Design

Club Floor

  • Executive Double Room

  • Executive Corner Double Room

  • Executive Twin Room

  • Riverside Twin Room

  • Riverside Deluxe Twin Room

Accented in the summer hues of Kyoto, these rooms feature a blue motif inspired by the flowing waters of Kyoto's Kamogawa River. Among the Club Floor's options, our riverside rooms offer a splendid view of Kyoto's renowned Kamogawa River.

Room details can be found on the Japanese site.

Moderate Floor

  • Standard Double Room

    Standard Double Room

  • Moderate Double Room

    Moderate Double Room

  • Moderate Corner Double Room

    Moderate Corner Double Room

  • Moderate Twin Room

    Moderate Twin Room

  • Superior Twin Room

    Superior Twin Room

These simple and warm rooms are accented in the colors of fall, offering an open and expansive feel. Each of the guestrooms features a gentle wood-grain tone for a truly elevated taste of Japan.

Room details can be found on the Japanese site.

  • Club Floor
  • Moderate Floor
  • Number of Rooms Bed Size Room Size Capacity
    Executive Double Room 2rooms 1600×1950㎜ 17.4㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Executive Corner Double Room 2rooms 1600×1950㎜ 19.5㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Executive Twin Room 4rooms 1400×1950㎜ 36.1㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Riverside Twin Room 4rooms 1400×1950㎜ 36.14㎡~36.81㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Riverside Deluxe Twin Room 2rooms 1400×1950㎜ 39.59㎡ 1~2person(s)
  • Number of Rooms Bed Size Room Size Capacity
    Standard Double Room 6rooms 1600×1950㎜ 17.4㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Moderate Double Room 24rooms 1600×1950㎜ 18.05㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Moderate Corner Double Room 6rooms 1600×1950㎜ 19.5㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Moderate Twin Room 12rooms 1200×1950㎜ 24.91㎡~26.09㎡ 1~2person(s)
    Superior Twin Room 12rooms 1200×1950㎜ 28.5㎡~30.9㎡ 1~3person(s)


  • Breakfast


  • Meeting meal

    Meeting meal

  • Meat dishes

    Meat dishes

  • sliced raw fish

    sliced raw fish

  • 朝食
  • 会席料理
  • お肉料理
  • お造り


Mouri's modern Japanese interior combines the rich traditions of Japan with a contemporary touch for a relaxing and elegant experience whatever the occasion. Immerse yourself in the luxury and style of the ancient capital of Kyoto while enjoying an exquisite selection of flavors, colors, and plates.

Breakfast 7:00 to 10:00 (L.O. 9:30)
Lunch 11:30 to 15:00 (L.O. 13:30)
Dinner 17:30 to 22:00
(L.O. 20:30 /
For Kaiseki Courses, 20:00)
  • 朝食
  • 会席料理
  • お肉料理
  • お造り


  • フロント


    As the face of our hotel, our front desk delivers 'omotenashi' hospitality in a truly Kyoto atmosphere from the moment you enter the door. The staff is ready to attend to all your hotel-related questions and needs. (Available round-the-clock)

  • ロビー


    Our elegant and expansive Japanese-inspired lobby welcomes you upon exiting the elevator. The sofas here are ideal for sitting and taking a rest.

Room Information

Facility-wide Wi-Fi, vending machines (soft drinks and alcoholic beverages), ice-maker, copy machine (BW/10 yen, Color/50 yen)

Smoking Room

This is a non-smoking facility. Please use the smoking room on the 2nd floor.

Information Corner

You can find Kyoto-related tourist information & bulletins on the 2nd floor. You are also welcome to use the free computers to make your travel plans.
*No chairs are provided




BY BUS AND TAXI from Kyoto Sta.

By Kyoto City Bus (from Kyoto Sta.)

From Kyoto Station please take a taxi or use the Kyoto City Bus service. Ride the Route 4, Route 17, or Route 205 buses from the A2 platform.



Sightseeing spots within walking distance

  • 建仁寺徒歩15分

    Kennin-ji Temple

    This temple was built in 1202 and features a mesmerizing dragon mural on the ceiling of its lecture hall. The massive ink painting of twin dragons measures 108 tatami mats in size (11.4m by 15.7m), leaving the viewer awestruck by the magnificent force it embodies.

  • 錦市場徒歩15分

    Nishiki Market

    Known as the 'kitchen' of Kyoto, Nishiki Market is a perfect place to walk and enjoy some delicoius Japanese delicacies. With a rich assortment of Kyoto seasonal ingredients, this treasure trove of flavors has supported the businesses and traditions behind Kyoto cuisine.

  • 木屋町通りホテルの裏側

    Kiyamachi Street

    Kiyamichi is the ideal spot for a stroll at dusk. Here, you can bathe in the gentle glow of lantern light while exploring renowned Kyoto-style restaurants and Japanese 'ryokan' inns. The area has also recently seen an increase in French, Spanish and other western eateries adding to the liveliness of the street.

Popular spots reachable by bus, taxi or train

  • 清水寺タクシー12分 バス25分

    Kiyomizudera Temple

    A national treasure, Kiyomizudera's main hall provides a panoramic view of the city. The nearby area of Sannen-zaka also offers a taste of Kyoto history with its traditional townscape and souvenir and food shop lined streets.

  • 金閣寺タクシー20分 バス40分

    Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion)

    As the name suggests, this famous historical temple glitters bright gold. The beauty of Kinkaku-ji is not only in its color - another attraction is the lake in front that perfectly reflects the temple and its surroundings.

  • 伏見稲荷タクシー15分 バス25分

    Fushimi Inari Taisha

    Fushimi Inari Taisha is the head shrine for all Inari shrines in Japan. Around 10,000 vermilion 'torii' gates have been erected along the hills, attracting visitors from around the world who hope to glimpse this mystical site.

Click here for more sightseeing spots


  • About Reservations
  • About Check-in and Check-outs
  • About Hotel Services
  • About Facilities & Facility Usage
  • About Guestrooms & Amenities
  • About Tourism & The Surrounding Area

About Reservations

When is a cancellation fee charged?
In accordance with our accommodation clause, you will be charged 20% for cancellations the day before your reservation, 80% for cancellations the day of, and 100% for no shows.
Is it okay for my small child to share the bed with me or will we be charged separately?
There is no accommodation fee for small kids.
If a bed is provided for children over elementary-school age, they will be charged as an adult.
You will not be charged if you share a bed with a child under elementary-school age.
*One child per adult allowed.
*Up to one child can stay free per double room.
Can you put me on a waiting list?
We do not have a waiting list.
However, we constantly update our room availability, so call us anytime for details.

About Check-in and Check-outs

What should I do if I am running late for my check-in?
If you will be arriving to the hotel later than expected, please inform us by phone.
*If we do not receive a phone call, this may be treated as a cancellation.
What time is check-in/check-out?
Check-in is at 3:00 pm and check-out is at 11:00 am.
However, plans with special terms and conditions will be prioritized.
Is there a curfew?
The hotel is open round-the-clock.
We lock the main door between 1:00 am and 6:00 am for security reasons.
During this time, please call us on the interphone or unlock the door with your card key.
Can I pay with credit card?
We accept VISA, JCB, American Express, UC, DC, NICOS, UFJ Card, SAISON, Master Card, GinRen
*Debit Cards are also acceptable.

About Hotel Services

Can you store my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
We can hold your luggage on the day of your check-in or check-out.
We accept luggage even during early hours so please make your request at the front desk as necessary.
Do you hold valuables for guests?
Valuables should be stored in the rooms' safeboxes.

About Facilities & Facility Usage

Can I navigate the building in my wheel chair?
Yes, you can.
Is there a large common bath in the hotel?
Unfortunately, we do not have any large common bathing areas.
Can I use Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is free of charge throughout the building (including the restaurant and lobby)
Please enjoy our free internet service throughout your stay.
Is there a coin laundry?
There are coin laundry machines on 2F operating 24 hours a day.

About Guestrooms & Amenities

Do you have barrier-free rooms?
We have one room featuring a universal bathroom design. The sink and toilet area are extra spacious providing for comfortable use.
The room is also located on the same floor as the lobby, eliminating the need to change floors after check-in.
What amenities do you provide?
Imabari towels (bath towel, face towel, washing towel)
Shampoo, conditioner
Body soap
Hand soap, face wash
Hair brush
Shower cap
Hair band
Nail file
Cotton swabs
Is there any place to smoke?
Yes, there is a smoking corner on 2F.
Can I select the room (view)?
We have rooms with a beautiful view to the Kamogawa river on the higher floors (6F to 9F).
Check our selection of single and twin rooms from the list below.

Click here for our Rooms

Are there humidifiers or air-purifiers in the guestrooms?
To ensure a comfortable stay, we have equipped all our rooms with air-humidifiers and purifiers.

About Tourism & The Surrounding Area

How do I get to places I want to go from here such as shrines or temples?
Tourist information is available at the front desk. Feel free to inquire for details.
Upon check-in you can also purchase a 600-yen bus card which is convenient for touring Kyoto.
Are there any ATMs nearby?
There is an ATM in the 7-eleven 2 minutes on foot from here.
Are there any convenience stores nearby?
There is a Daily Yamazaki 1 minute on foot from here and a 7-eleven 2 minutes on foot.
Are there any restaurants or places to eat nearby?
Yes, there are. There is a shopping district (Shijo Kawaramachi) about 10 minutes on foot from here.
You can get a map of nearby restaurants from the front desk. Feel free to inquire for details.


CHECK IN - from 3:00 pm /
CHECK OUT - by 11:00 am

Address 403-1 Namba-cho, Nishikiyamachi-dori Matsubara-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8027
Tel. (For reservations) +81-120-51-3610
Fax +81-75-353-0102
Transportation ・5-min walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Sta.
・Take a bus from Kyoto Sta. to Kawaramachi Matsubara Bus stop and walk 1 min.
Parking Not available
Total number of rooms 75 rooms